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Kayak Rescues – Mauthe Lake

July 21 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

beginning of a wet exit

In partnership with the Mauthe Lake State Park, join us – as we provide our Kayak Rescue session.

Cost – $80 per person. Class size limited to 10 participants. Please dress for the water temperatures, have a change of clothes/towel in your car. Should you need to borrow- the use of Kayak, paddle and PFD are included in the price (please indicate this on the registration page. There are kayaks and gear for the first 8 who require these items. Touring and Sea kayaks will be required for this class – if you are uncertain if your kayak falls under this category, give us a call – otherwise, we can lend you our gear.


The Kayak Rescue session is designed for the more seasoned paddler. Kayak rescues are an exciting way to go outside your comfort level and understand a valuable survival tool. This is a 4 hour session intended for those who wish to understand how to get yourself or others back into the kayak, while on the water. Prerequisite for this class is basic knowledge about your kayak (or previous student of either the Kickstart or the Essentials classes), and a wet-exit ability.

Prior to getting on the water, we will have shoreline topics to explore with you. After the shoreline topics, we take our training on the water with you describing, demonstrating, and letting you practice and refine the new found skills.


For complete list of topics covered, please refer to the Kayak Rescue skills page.

Wisconsin State Park sticker required for entry. This is a pack in/pack out State Park (no trash cans present).

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