Recreational kayak training


Overview of course:

                The purpose for this training is to provide education and guidance, specific for the recreational kayaker. Intended for those new to kayaking, and who have recently purchased a recreational kayak. Topics addressed will consist of basic paddling skills, safety, and understanding your vessel’s abilities and limitations.  Participants should provide their own rec yak, paddle, and PFD. If requested, a PFD and paddle will be provided to you. This 3-hour long class will be split between land and water instruction. Location will be announced prior to event, will either be located on a quiet lake, or beginner friendly river (depending on water conditions).

On-land Discussions:

  1. Understanding what is a recreational kayak. (Design features, construction, abilities and limitations).
  2. Choosing a paddle for your kayak.
  3. Selecting the proper life-vest.
  4. How to plan your paddle adventure. Paddling with others.
  5. Methods to transport your kayak – on the road and manually.
  6. Proper body position and how to hold a paddle.

On water training:

  1. How water effects your kayak, getting a feel for the paddle environment.
  2. Ways to enter and exit your kayak from land/water.
  3. How do I steer this thing, and not run into others?
  4. How tippy is your yak?
  5. What happens when I fall out, and how do I get back in?
  6. My kayak is full of water, what now?
  7. Is there a hazard around the river bend?


Helpful reference topics:

  1. Ways to keep things dry and safe.
  2. What clothing is a better option to wear.
  3. What is a shuttle – do I need one?


Cost for this Class – $60/per person