Whether you are just beginning the sport of kayaking, or seeking to further your comfort skills, we may have what you are looking for. All of our training has the ACA core values embedded within it’s program. You will be required to always properly wear your PFD (life-vest) at all times while on the water. Listed below are the programs available. Both the Kickstart and Essential classes are open to any type of kayak, the rescue, roll and Skills assessment/training classes are focused more around touring and sea kayaks. If you are using your own kayak for these classes, please contact us prior to registration to ensure you have the right gear for the right environment. 

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Private Lessons – Custom instruction with your goals in mind. Suppose you would rather have that personalized touch with a one on one experience, need to perfect a certain paddle stroke or technique – this is for you. After a phone call with you, we will discuss what are your desired outcome and needs. I will compose a training lesson with key element building blocks for the achieving end result. 

Kickstart your kayak – This class is centered around the first time paddler – one who has never sat in a kayak, or has very little experience. Topics will include: basic paddle strokes, the art of finding your balance, why PFD’s are a vital element, and proper paddler etiquette. 

Kayak essential – Built around the novice – one who has some paddle experience and knows how to paddle forward. We will explore additional methods of paddling, bracing, and using one’s body and paddle to manipulate the directional control of the kayak. 

Rescues – Suited the next level of paddling – this focuses around the solo and assisted abilities which will aid us to get back into the kayak.

Rolls – The first 180 degrees are the easiest to complete – it’s mastering the remaining 180 degrees. Let us show you what happens below the spray skirt as well as above. Not everyone’s body has the same flexibility, or ability, as the person next to you – just as there are numerous variations of kayaks to paddle, there is a roll suited for you.  

Skills Assessment and Training – In order to become an ACA sea kayak instructor, a skills assessment must be completed prior to an IDW. This is the first step in becoming an instructor. I will be able to provide this function to you from Level 1 up to Level 3. All training will follow the ACA checklist – know your strengths and skills you must work on, before you attempt an IDW.