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Built for the more advanced paddler, the roll is a form of self rescue. This 3 hour session will have a classroom setting prior to getting on the water. The intention for this session is to grasp the dynamics – the kayak, the body, and blade – how they all move through the water, and working with the physics of water. A solid roll doesn’t happen easily for everyone and you may not be successful after the first session. Understanding this, I will also offer an additional follow up class for $50 (2 hour max).  We shall focus on these main topics:

  • Understanding the roll

  • Defining the different types of rolls – c to c, sweep, extended paddle, Eskimo

  • Paddle position for each of the types

  • Body mechanics – the lower separates from the upper body

  • Putting it all together

  • What helps – flexibility, working on ‘hip snaps’, practice, paddle float

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Initial class – $75

Initial plus Follow up class $125