YMCA pool session

In partnership with the West Bend YMCA, we are pleased to provide these extensive kayaking class sessions. These sessions are conducted during the winter season.

Target audience for this class:

Perfect for entry level paddlers, anyone interested in taking their kayaking to the next level, and those who wish to become more experienced through expert guidance and practice. Adults and older youth would be ideal for our kayaks/life vests.

Why winter pool sessions?

Pool sessions are a perfect location to learn, practice, and perfect your kayaking skills.  In the controlled environment of a pool, individuals of all skill levels can safely learn and master the art of kayaking. Sessions are designed to build knowledge from one to the next. Attendance at all sessions is recommended.

What is included?

These classes will have a combination of both classroom and pool training. A total of 12 hours worth of training/experience!! The four part class will incorporate three of our core kayaking sessions: KickstartEssentials, and our Rescue class.

Use of our kayaks/gear will be incorporated into the classes. Should you wish to use your own kayak for this training - they should have built in safety features of bulkhead(s), and deck lines. This is extremely helpful during the rescue portion.  If uncertain if your kayak is suitable for this class, give us a call. All training material will be provided on the first day.

There are three session dates to choose from:

2025 season will be announced in the Fall of 2024

Session 1: TBA

Session 2: TBA

Session 3: TBA

To register/pay - please follow THIS LINK to the YMCA page.

(you may need to register as a user)

Cost - $150 per/person (a normal cost of $210 if all three classes taken separately). Participants need NOT to be a YMCA member. Class size limited to 6. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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