What is the Paddlesports Safety Facilitator certification program?

The Paddlesports Safety Facilitator (PSF) certification program teaches basic safety and paddling knowledge, as well as simple rescue skills for canoe, kayak, and SUP. The training for this certification includes a base knowledge module (non - discipline specific) plus three complementary modules that focus specifically on canoeing, kayaking, and SUP. This certification allows the facilitator to introduce paddlecraft safety and knowledge to the beginner paddler in a land - based setting.

Who are the target market(s) for the Paddlesports Safety Facilitator program?

This course is appropriate for the staff of liveries, parks and recreation sites, rental companies, or guide services. The PSF course also is a suitable alternative for the discontinued Small Craft Safety course once offered by the American Red Cross. Therefore, other markets that will use the PSF program include summer camps, youth organizations (such as the YMCA, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Boy Scouts of America , and the Girl Scouts of the USA. The course can also be used for any member of the general public that wants to have a comprehensive knowledge base of on - water safety and best practices for enjoyable paddling.

Why should I take this course (or why should I use this course for my company/staff/volunteers)?

This certification will add credibility to yourself (or your staff/volunteers) as a source of paddlesports safety information, as well as provide official documentation of skills and experience for your employer, insurance carrier, or resume. If your organization requires training and certification similar to the Small Craft Safety Course once hosted by the American Red Cross, the content of the ACA PSF course is equally comprehensive, is time & cost efficient, and a quality alternative to Small Craft Safety.

How long is the PSF certification valid?

The certification lasts for 4 calendar years from the course completion date. The course must be repeated in future years, if the holder wishes to maintain the certification . All Paddlesports Safety Facilitators must also maintain ACA membership at the individual level.

What do certified Paddlesports Safety Facilitators do?

They provide safety material to clients , students, and the general public regarding safe boating practices, information on environmental/water hazards, and local/state/federal regulations. The certified PSF s also provide tips on proper techniques for transporting of gear; they assist students with safely entering and exiting their craft, and can assist in the rescue of someone who capsized near the launch site. The PSF does NOT provide leadership /guide services on the water, nor instruction on maneuvering the craft

What topics of instruction are included?

This is a 5 hour long session (4 hours in a classroom and 1 hour specific to on water kayaking hands-on). Participants would need to become a member with the ACA prior to the session and submit a payment of $40. This is a 1 year non-renewable certification. Some of the main topics included in the classroom session would be: 

  • Knowledge of the ACA

  • Group management skills

  • Paddling safety concepts (paddle environment, PFD, cold water shock, kayaker etiquette)

  • Trip planning and environmental concerns

  • Skills related to facilitating a group on the water

  • Rescue concepts and techniques

  • Written test

On water (one hour class)

  • Load/unload a kayak, proper carrying of the kayak, launching and landing

  • Wet exit, rescue a swimmer, rescue a kayak, how to empty a swamped kayak, and swimming a kayak to shore

Do I need to provide my own kayak and equipment for this session?

Silent Wake can provide the gear for this training session. However, you may bring your own items as well.

How much is this session?

$175/per person. Minimum 2 people per session.

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