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So, some of the trips we offer sound great and yet you might be wondering about the time in the seat, the water conditions, or the length of the paddle trips. We have something just for you - the Kayak Sampler. It is half the cost and time on water as many of the other trips, yet full of enjoyment and experience.

The Kayak Sampler is a shortened paddle trip, at Waubedonia Park. This is a very quiet and easy paddle section of the Milwaukee river. If the river conditions are not favorable, we shall advise of alternative locations.

The events are two hours long (with about 15 to 30 min on shore orientation). These are designed to offer an exploratory paddle experience along the shoreline. You will set the pace. We shall be present on water with you to ensure safety and offer very basic paddle refinements to make your trip easier for you. This is not intended as a class or lesson like our other services we provide; however they'll be just as much fun!

We will provide kayaks, PFD, and paddle for these sessions - just let us know what sizes you will need when you register.

Once you click on the ‘Add to cart’, you will be redirected to a registration page to complete.

2 Hour session ($30)