This is a 3 hour block of instruction for the brand new kayaker. Intended for the person who just bought a kayak, or who is thinking about taking up the sport – we got you covered. These very basic kayaking skills provide you a better appreciation for the sport and provides a safe way to learn new skills.

Training will take place at a local quiet, protected inland lake. Before hitting the water, there will be at least an hour’s worth of classroom. If you have concerns about your physical ability,  please read our EEC. Class size will be limited to 5, unless otherwise noted. Use of Kayak, paddle and PFD are included in the price. Some of the topics you will learn when taking this :

Getting to know your gear

  • Matching the kayak for the type of water

  • Wearing the right clothing

  • PFD fit and proper wear

  • Paddle – blade types & hand position

  • Kayak – Anatomy and Physiology , body position, boat fit

How to paddle correctly

  • The catch, propulsion, recovery –  how the paddle moves through the water

  • Forward, Stop, Reverse directions

  • Understanding what a sweep stroke is, and how it can turn your kayak

How to enter/exit a kayak, launch and land your craft from shoreline, or from a dock.


What to do when you fall into the water

  • Trusting your PFD

  • How to empty a flooded kayak


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Cost – $60