This is a three part session covering multiple aspects of the training/skills needed to paddle open waters of the Great Lakes/ Oceans. Our sessions will include a land and water based learning. The first two sessions will take place within a protected body of water, to increase your confidence and abilities. The calmer waters will provide the ability to fine tune and perfect your skills. The last session will be in the conditions of Lake Michigan - waves not exceeding 1 1/2 to 2 foot. Here you will take your learned skills to the test, find comfort and stability on the dynamic water, and become one with the water. Below are the lessons and skills which will be covered. Based on suitable Lake Michigan water conditions, we will coordinate the third class schedule with you.



Class one: Rescues:


                Separation from kayak (rescue priority and swim w/ paddle)

                Solo- Cowboy scramble, Ladder, Paddle Float (w&w/o stirrup), re-enter & roll

                Assisted – T-rescue, Scoop, Crab

                Towing – Long tow, contact (get them out of the danger zone)

Class two: Boat control:



                Side surf


                Launch/landing into surf

                Understanding what makes conditions/weather

                Group management

Class three: Paddling in Lake Michigan:

              In conditions less than 2 foot

              Gear required for the Great Lakes

              Bringing the new found skills to the water


When – Sat evenings 5 to 7 PM

Who – Kayakers who wish to paddle the Great Lakes

Gear needed - Our kayaks may be used for these classes (please request, if needed), otherwise dual bulkhead sea kayaks, PFD, Paddle, Paddle float, and bilge pump

Experience- Novice with essentials background

Dress – Appropriate for conditions (water and air temp)

Location - First two classes, protected lakes near West Bend/Port Washington.Third class, Lake Michigan access at Port Washington, Wi

Cost - $150 per/person

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