Here at Silent Wake, we provide only safe kayaks and gear for your enjoyment - and will train you how to master these items - even before you get on the water. All these items are included within the price of the sessions. If using your own kayak and gear, please advise us prior to arrival.

Let's first talk about our kayaks you will be using. We carry the Dagger Stratos, both the 14.5 L and 14.5 S. They are considered sea kayaks, however are very versatile in both quiet waters and the open waters of Lake Michigan. They respond a bit faster than most longer sea kayaks (16 to 18 footers), and have the initial stability much like whitewater and recreational boats. Here are the specs of these kayaks:

guided kayak trips in wisconsin

14.5 S - Length 14' 6", Width 23", max paddler weight 275 lbs

14.5 L - Length 14'6", Width 24.5", max paddler weight 315 lbs

Both of these are considered sea kayaks for the added safety features, which include dual bulkheads, deck lines along the bow and stern, and hatch covers. They have a skeg - which aids the paddler to maintain a straighter line when paddling.

For those new to the sport of kayaking - this is a kayak which has a great initial stability (how tippy it feels when you first sit inside) you are looking for. They offer the paddler ability to grow and develop both boat and blade control. These are very nimble kayaks and react to the paddler's body movements. They will delight the advanced paddler for their ability to roll, and maintain it's secondary stability when preforming extreme edging.


For the youth: We have a few styles which will keep the kiddos happy as they tag along (and at times, may pass you).

This speedy one is a youth sea kayak. It measures 14 feet long, and is about 20 inches wide. Paddler weight should be between 40 -140lbs

https://silentwake.comDon't let this one fool you, it will keep up and is very responsive. Measures 9 foot, 23 inches wide. Paddler weight between 40 - 140lbs.

Prodigy XS

The Perception Prodigy XS kayak is built for kids and sets the standard for confidence-building stability, comfort, and performance. For small framed adult paddlers, this may be an option. These are 10 feet long, and 23 inches wide. Best for paddlers between 50 and 145 pounds.

https://silentwake.comJust a side by side comparison between the adult and youth kayaks.


Our adult PFD (Life Vests) are from the Astral line - They are the V-Eight. These are unisex designed, have a mesh backing, and are designed for comfort while paddling (like you never know it is on). There is a whistle placed within the pocket- in case you need our attention. We have three sizes available:

Silent Wake PFD's will be worn for all activities while on the water

(Chest sizes) S/M: 31 - 37 inches   M/L: 38 - 44 inches   L/XL: 45 - 51 inches




Our youth PFD's: Ideal youth weight 50-90 lbs, with a chest size 24 to 29 inches. Petite adults may find this size may work for them.

We also have a couple child PFD's, which are ideal for the kiddos who are on the smaller size (30 to 50 pounds). They have two front pockets to hold the all important,  SNACKS!!


Our Paddles are from Adventure Technology. They are a straight fiberglass shaft, with the ability to offset the angle to 45 degrees (either right or left). The blade is fiberglass reinforced with a high angle design. The length is 230 cm and fairly light - about 36 ounces.

We also can provide youth appropriate paddles, if needed.

Silent Wake gear used: AT paddles used at Silent Wake

For those who can preform wet exits (and demonstrate), we can offer you a spray skirt. These are the Seals Nylon Adventurer. They will fit a waist size up to 44 inches. These are made to fit our adult sea yaks.

Seals spray skirts at Silent Wake

With all kayaks, we can also provide a 5L dry bag, Bilge pump, and Paddle float.

A dry bag keeps your items protected from the elementsThe bilge pump gets rid of that extra waterSilent Wake will teach you how to use the Paddle float for a rescue