kayaking two rivers, wisconsin, the channel marker at the end of the harbor

Chart Reading: Why do some lights flash at night?

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 19, 2022

Seasoned kayakers will tell you, paddling in low to no-light environment can be challenging. While on the water at night, shoreline object recognition is not as vibrant as it usually […]

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risk management for kayaking

How to make better decisions before paddling

By Silent Wake Crew | Mar 24, 2021

Paddle sports generally are a very safe, fun, relaxing and enjoyable activity. The majority of people can pick up basic techniques and methods to navigate the waterways rather quickly.  Kayaking, […]

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A group of nine paddle on the river in Kewauskum. Smiles are on their faces.

You purchased your first kayak, now what?

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 22, 2021

Congratulations, you have advanced from the notion and desire to own a kayak, to ownership. Time to take that beauty out for a paddle on any stretch of water, right? […]

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Kayaking lifestyle

Understanding Kayaking terms

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 9, 2021

Kayaking terms:   Listed below are some terms associated with kayaking (mainly recreational and sea). This is by all means not a complete list – however the more common, and […]

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When shuttles are needed for kayaking

Master the kayak shuttle

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 2, 2021

Getting from point A to point B is pretty easy while on the water. There will be a time in your paddle adventures when you would like to explore different […]

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small riffles in the river

Understanding how CFS influences your kayaking.

By Silent Wake Crew | Oct 21, 2020

What is CFS This stands for Cubic Feet (per) Second. CFS equates to the volume of water moving downriver in a unit of measurement. The river’s width and depth, as […]

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Checking out the Blue hole on Big Cedar Lake, Wi. an oasis of a water spring surrounded by evergreens and oak trees

Topics to think about before buying a kayak

By Silent Wake Crew | Aug 3, 2020

Recreational kayak A common question which is asked in our sessions is – what is the correct boat for me? With many kayak choices on the market, there is certainly […]

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a man standing on the beach next to his kayak, the sky is very foggy

The “experienced” kayaker

By Silent Wake Crew | Sep 11, 2019

  How many times have we read the phrase, “They were an experienced kayaker/paddler”? This seems to be a term used by reporters posthumously as they write an article of […]

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safety items used for kayaking are pictured here.

Items for kayak safety.. and some you may not have thought about

By Silent Wake Crew | May 21, 2019

Being prepared for your next water adventure and packing the right items for the uncertainty can be overwhelming. Ideally, what you bring along should reflect upon your paddle destination and […]

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