Understanding how CFS influences your kayaking.

By Silent Wake Crew | Oct 21, 2020

What is CFS This stands for Cubic Feet (per) Second. CFS equates to the volume of water moving downriver in a unit of measurement. The river’s width and depth, as […]

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Checking out the Blue hole on Big Cedar Lake, Wi

Topics to think about before buying a kayak

By Silent Wake Crew | Aug 3, 2020

Recreational kayak A common question which is asked in our sessions is – what is the correct boat for me? With many kayak choices on the market, there is certainly […]

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kayaking in the fog

The “experienced” kayaker

By Silent Wake Crew | Sep 11, 2019

  How many times have we read the phrase, “They were an experienced kayaker/paddler”? This seems to be a term used by reporters posthumously as they write an article of […]

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The PFD with safety items

Items for kayak safety.. and some you may not have thought about

By Silent Wake Crew | May 21, 2019

Being prepared for your next water adventure and packing the right items for the uncertainty can be overwhelming. Ideally, what you bring along should reflect upon your paddle destination and […]

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kayaking in the rain

Whether liked or not, weather will be a factor .

By Silent Wake Crew | May 14, 2019

  As paddlers, we must have a basic understanding of weather and weather patterns. Knowledge of simple weather predictions and forecasting will provide a safe and memorable paddle. Before heading […]

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how to fix the minor scratches in your fiberglass kayak

Cosmetic scratches making your boat look old?

By Silent Wake Crew | Apr 30, 2019

For those of us who have fiberglass yaks understand how beautiful they can be when they are shiny and new. Keeping them that way, can be a bit of a […]

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USCG rescues

Getting rescued by the USCG (training)

By Silent Wake Crew | Apr 16, 2019

Last week, I covered how to use a VHF and what steps it takes to call for help. This week will be a continuation of the process, and what it […]

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VHF Hand held radio

How to make that all important call

By Silent Wake Crew | Apr 9, 2019

Using a VHF radio (or otherwise called a marine radio) can be a lifesaving device for when you really need help on the water. Understanding how to use it and […]

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Trip report – The Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin

By Silent Wake Crew | Apr 2, 2019

Paddle destination: Horicon Marsh (southern aspect)   Launch/Land locations: Launch – Green Head Road N8600 Green Head Rd, Mayville, WI Land – One Mile Island Trail Head and parking 204 […]

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