So, What is Silent Wake?

Established in 2018, one of our main missions is to create safer and more knowledgeable kayakers on the waters. We offer a rather unique service to our participants, which you may not find just anywhere. Think of us as a kayak outfitter and educator - offering safe and delightful experiences for everyone from beginners to advanced. Our location for both water and lodging makes your journey certain to please.

Why choose us? We value your safety - we will never place you in a harmful paddle environment or situation. The staff maintains current CPR/First Aid certification, well versed in our paddling locations, and are both members of the American Canoe Association (ACA). Our high quality gear is always clean and in working order and personally sized for each individual paddler. Silent Wake is fully insured,  holds a valid state business license, and is led by an ACA certified kayak instructor.

All classes will have a maximum of 1 instructor to 5 students - as this is the maximum safe ratio by ACA standards. At times throughout the year, I (Daren) will be aided by additional skilled paddlers, or ACA instructors, if there are more students to instructors.

I have been told in the past, in order to be an efficient paddler - one must have a quiet paddle and a quiet boat. A wake from a kayak reminds us of where we have been, and how we continue to strive for greatness.  Let us be your inspiration for future endeavors.

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Daren Barrett ACA Level 3 sea kayak certified instructor, Adaptive and Rolling Endorsed paddles on a lake

Daren, an ACA Level 3 certified sea kayak instructor with endorsements in Adaptive Paddling and Rolling, has dedicated himself to sharing his expertise since 2012. Engaged at the YMCA, he imparts knowledge through kayak essentials and rescue and rolls classes, while also instructing at the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium and leading Kickstart Kayaking classes for beginners. This passion fueled the creation of his own venture, Silent Wake, a business devoted to kayak education.

With a 21-year tenure in the US Army and a medical background since 1985, Daren, currently holding a nursing license, brings a rich tapestry of experience to his endeavors. In the embrace of the open water and playful waves of the Great Lakes, he finds solace in serene river paddles, unique rescues, and the exploration of new Eskimo rolls with his Greenland paddle. Actively seeking improvement, Daren absorbs techniques, tricks, and tips from mentors at various Paddling Symposiums and destinations, not only enhancing his professional skills but also elevating his instructional abilities for others.

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Kristin kayaking with her Greenland paddle

Kristin started kayaking regularly in 2013 and immediately sought out kayak education, including classes, and pointers from those with more experience. Eager to get to be outdoors and on the water, she is inspired by all the various kinds of water available in Wisconsin and always enjoys exploring creeks & rivers, inland lakes as well as Lakes Michigan and Superior.

Kristin came to kayaking after having done recreational, competitive rowing and through that, she brings to her kayak coaching a passion for helping people understand how to get the most glide from their kayak with the most efficient effort whether on casual outings or taking on wind and waves on Lake Michigan. She draws on her years working as an educator and executive coach to facilitate your success.

Over the years, we have partnered with several organizations offering our services to the public: