Planning a Kayak Trip

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 27, 2019

  Like most trips, whether by air or by land, most people have a destination in mind. Getting there is part of the journey. There is always some sort of […]

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a kayak paddle - two blades at the end of a five foot long shaft

Understanding the construction of a paddle

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 19, 2019

The paddle is one of the more important items you will use while kayaking. An essential piece of equipment for propelling your kayak through the water, keeping you upright (either […]

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The Paddler’s diary/log

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 12, 2019

A paddler’s ‘diary’ or ‘log’ book is a means in which one can keep track of your adventures on the water. It is a written account of your paddling and […]

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a group is near their sea kayaks on the sand, before the paddle on Lake Michigan

Three classifications of kayaks – and where they belong

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 6, 2019

There are three main types of kayak classifications. White Water, Recreational, and Sea kayaks. Within these classifications, there are sub classifications and variations of each boat design. However, I will […]

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a kayaker who is in the water attempts to get back in with a self rescue on the back deck

The paddle float rescue

By Silent Wake Crew | Jan 22, 2019

Every kayaker who spends any amount of time in their boat will at some point end up flipping over in their kayak. It’s just a part of the sport really. […]

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kayaking Horicon marsh

Paddle Float Plan

By Silent Wake Crew | Jan 15, 2019

As a paddler, one should always notify others of your intentions. A simple phone call to a loved one, or a friend can be that ONE thing which may save […]

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Welcome to Silent Wake!

By Silent Wake Crew | Nov 15, 2018

After several years of planning, our company is up and running. We expect to officially serve the public late April, or early May 2019 (it all depends on our winter). […]

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