VHF Hand held radio

How to make that all important call

By Silent Wake Crew | Apr 9, 2019

Using a VHF radio (or otherwise called a marine radio) can be a lifesaving device for when you really need help on the water. Understanding how to use it and […]

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two kayaks paddling through thick cat tails in the Hoircon Marsh

Trip report – The Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin

By Silent Wake Crew | Apr 2, 2019

Paddle destination: Horicon Marsh (southern aspect)   Launch/Land locations: Launch – Green Head Road N8600 Green Head Rd, Mayville, WI Land – One Mile Island Trail Head and parking 204 […]

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USCG navigation rule book has a coast guard rescue boat on the cover

How to be a conscientious kayaker

By Silent Wake Crew | Mar 26, 2019

As the season opener approaches here in the Northwoods and more kayaks are seen on the roof racks – let’s remember we are ambassadors of the water. We share the […]

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this dry suit is a one piece unit a person wears over the body, only the head and hands are exposed. there are boots and gloves laying next to it.

Getting the paddler’s itch?

By Silent Wake Crew | Mar 19, 2019

  As the spring thaw FINALLY shows up in the northern states, paddlers of all levels want to hit the water. Many of these paddlers, have no concept of the […]

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A skeg deployed, as it hangs down on the underside of a kayak

The Skeg and Rudder Explained

By Silent Wake Crew | Mar 12, 2019

So many kayaks…. As you look at different kayaks, you may notice something a bit different with each of them. Some kayak models you come across may have a device […]

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car rack with a kayak in place. a strap is loosely wrapped around to show placement of it under the main bar

Transporting and storing your kayak

By Silent Wake Crew | Mar 5, 2019

One of the realizations you may have experienced when you bought your first kayak was – OK, now how am I going to get this thing home? Depending on where […]

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Planning a Kayak Trip

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 27, 2019

  Like most trips, whether by air or by land, most people have a destination in mind. Getting there is part of the journey. There is always some sort of […]

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a kayak paddle - two blades at the end of a five foot long shaft

Understanding the construction of a paddle

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 19, 2019

The paddle is one of the more important items you will use while kayaking. An essential piece of equipment for propelling your kayak through the water, keeping you upright (either […]

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The Paddler’s diary/log

By Silent Wake Crew | Feb 12, 2019

A paddler’s ‘diary’ or ‘log’ book is a means in which one can keep track of your adventures on the water. It is a written account of your paddling and […]

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