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Kayak Rescues

Been paddling for a while and you are ready now to learn ways to get back into our yak from within the water, as well as some kayak games? You have the skills to paddle your kayak around objects, can paddle hours on end, and aren’t worried about falling out of your kayak…….But, what happens when you do? How are you going to get back into your kayak if you are too far away from the shoreline? What happens when your paddle buddy falls in – and you don’t know what your next step is going to be? Need to be more proficient in your kayak abilities? This is the session for you !

In this session, we shall learn how to perform both self and assisted kayak rescues. You will learn, understand, and practice numerous ways to get back in your kayak, should you ever experience a wet exit. For the types of rescues which will be involved, please visit

Owners of touring and sea kayaks are welcomed to bring their own yaks for this class – if you are uncertain if your kayak fits into this category, please give us a call and inform us of the make and model of your kayak. Some recreational kayaks may work for this class – but it is much more proficient with kayaks suited for adequate on-water rescues. Since we will be in the water for majority of this session, you should be comfortable with getting wet and performing wet exits. (Yes, you will be asked to preform a wet exit).

Location for this class will be made available once registered – normally it will be either Yahr Park, Random Lake, Big Cedar Lake, or Little Cedar Lake.

Maximum class size is 5.  Sea kayaks and gear available to those who require these items.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.

Three to four hour rescue class- Cost $75

Private mentoring (kayak training)

Sometimes, you just want to focus on a single topic, or the sessions available may not fit your requirements. A personal instruction with me, may be exactly what you are looking for. This truly is a session which can be customized with your goals in mind. We can start the process by communication (either by phone, or email) and identifying your project in mind. From there, I will lay out a training program, highlighting your specific outcome. Limitations on what I can teach others are dictated by the ACA.

Sea Kayak, paddle, life vest, and other kayak related items needed for completion of you goals will be provided in the cost (paddle clothing will be your responsibility).

Location of classroom will be dependent on your goals in mind – and will be provided prior to class. Local waterways will be used.

There is a two hour minimum, four hour maximum session for each private lesson.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.

Basic two hour class $110

Three hour class $150

Four hour class $200




Kayak Skills Assessment (Lvl 1 to 3)

This combined session is dedicated towards the individual who is ready to take the next step in paddler advancement. In order to become an ACA certified sea kayak instructor, one must complete a skills assessment before undergoing the Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) – this is a prerequisite. Depending on your personal requirements, this comprehensive process will assist you to make better decisions on the water as well as help you understand what limitations you may have within your skill set.


I will provide a Coastal kayak Skills Assessment (L1 to L3) for you. Please plan for at least 4 hours for any of these sessions (actual times will vary depending on the Level). These sessions are designed not to teach the individual, but to assess your abilities to ensure you are Instructor ready.

Going on a future trip on the big waters, perhaps a multi day excursion with numerous miles? Some outfitters will only provide you very basic kayak working knowledge before they get you in the kayak. Wouldn’t you want to build your confidence and self-knowledge before you get there? Let us provide you the professional advice and guidance to ensure you are prepared both mentally and physically with a skills assessment.

I will provide you an honest evaluation, feedback, make a personal connection with your IT (Instructor Trainer) and process the ACA forms. If so desired, I can also provide you local contacts to IT’s who can certify you as an instructor.


Location for training will be provided to you, once we have decided what level you which to pursue. Sea kayak, paddle, life-vest, and all other kayak related materials will be provided. Paddle clothing will be your responsibility – ensure you dress accordingly for the water temperature.

The ACA Levels and what they mean:

Level 1
Calm, flat water, protected from wind, waves and outside boat traffic, with no apparent current and within swimming distance of shore.

Level 2
Protected water near shore with winds up to 10 knots (11.5 mph), waves up to one foot, and current up to one knot.

Level 3
Two of the following conditions necessary for assessment: 10-15 knot winds (11.5 to 17.2 mph), 1-2 foot seas, 1-2 foot breaking waves (surf)
Note: If assessing in areas with tidal current, current must not exceed 2 knots.


Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.

Skills Assessment $60

Learn how to Sea Kayak

This is a three part session covering multiple aspects of the training/skills needed to paddle open waters of the Great Lakes. Our sessions will include a land and water based learning. The first two sessions will take place within a protected body of water, to increase your confidence and abilities. The calmer waters will provide the ability to fine tune and perfect your skills. The last session will be in the conditions of Lake Michigan – waves not exceeding 1 1/2 to 2 foot. Here you will take your learned skills to the test, find comfort and stability on the dynamic water, and become one with the water. Below are the lessons and skills which will be covered. Based on suitable Lake Michigan water conditions, we will coordinate the third class schedule with you.

Class one: Rescues:


                Separation from kayak (rescue priority and swim w/ paddle)

                Solo- Cowboy scramble, Ladder, Paddle Float (w&w/o stirrup), re-enter & roll

                Assisted – T-rescue, Scoop, Crab

                Towing – Long tow, contact (get them out of the danger zone)

Class two: Boat control:



                Side surf


                Launch/landing into surf

                Understanding what makes conditions/weather

                Group management

Class three: Paddling in Lake Michigan:

              In conditions less than 2 foot

              Gear required for the Great Lakes

              Bringing the new found skills to the water


Where – Rescues and Boat control will take place on a quiet small lake, class three will be located at Port Washington

When – Sat evenings 5 to 7 PM

Who – Kayakers who wish to paddle open waters

Gear needed – Our kayaks may be used for these classes (please request, if needed), otherwise dual bulkhead sea kayaks, PFD, Paddle, Paddle float, and bilge pump

Experience- Novice with essentials background

Dress – Appropriate for conditions (water and air temp)

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.

Cost – $150

Kayak Sampler

Are you fairly new to kayaking, interested in paddling in a sea kayak, or just want to have a comfortable,easy, and short distance paddle? Have we something for you.

The Kayak Sampler is a shortened paddle trip, on the smaller lakes near and around West Bend, and Port Washington, WI. These smaller lakes provide as an excellent starter body of water for the first time paddler or someone with less time available. The events are two hours long (with about 15 to 30 min on shore orientation, including adjusting your kayak). These are designed to offer an exploratory paddle experience along the shoreline. We shall be present on water with you to ensure safety and offer very basic refinements to make your trip easier for you. This is not intended as a class or lesson like our other services we provide; however they’ll be just as much fun!


The paddle trip will start at Waubedonia park and we shall paddle up the Milwaukee river towards the Mill, and return where we started – total distance about 2.5 miles. There are no power boats along this stretch, an occasional angler may be seen. If there is a personal desire to paddle a smaller lake (Little Cedar lake or Random Lake) this can be arranged.


Kayak and gear included in the price. You are responsible for proper paddle clothing, and always dress for the water temperatures.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.

Class limited to 5 participants. Cost $30