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Kayak Rescue

September 18 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Kayak rescues

Ever fall out of your kayak in the middle of a lake, and attempt to get back into the yak, only to find yourself swimming back to shore? Do you wish to feel more comfortable when power boats kick up wake passing by you? Have you ever watched a  paddle buddy fallen into the water next to you, and both of you didn’t know what to do? Planning to take a kayaking trip on the big waters of Lake Superior or Lake Michigan? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, have we a program for you.

This session is primary for couples – or ‘paddle partners’ who do not mind sharing their personal bubble with each other. A paddle partner is someone who is in your close social bubble, where it is safe for you and the other to be less than six feet apart in an extended period of time and not wearing masks. You and your buddy will be exclusively working together during this session. 

Kayak rescues are an exciting way to go outside your comfort level and understand a valuable survival tool This is a 3 to 4 hour session intended for those who wish to understand how to get back into the kayak, while on the water. Prerequisite for this class is basic knowledge about your kayak (or previous student of either the Kickstart or the Essentials classes), and a wet-exit ability.

Touring and Sea kayaks will be required for this class – if you are uncertain if your kayak falls under this category, give us a call – otherwise, we can lend you our gear (limited to the first 8 who request). There will be at least an hour worth of classroom before hitting the water.  It’s all about getting wet! Besides, Kayaking IS a water sport. Ensure you are properly dressed for immersion – if uncertain what to wear see our Q&A page. Topics included in this class:


Learning the tools of the trade

  • paddle float, paddle, stirrup strap, bilge pump

Solo rescues

  • There are several rescues which may work for you – find out which one is best suited for you

  • Provides confidence and increases your comfort level

  • Practice these techniques: Paddle float (w/ stirrup), cowboy, ladder, burrito, re-enter and roll (if one has a successful roll)

Assisted rescues

  • Builds group dynamics and trust with others

  • Sometimes the environment has the upper hand and kicks you out of your kayak

  • Save your buddy with these methods: T-Rescue(w/ heel hook),  Scoop, Bow/stern, present paddle/cockpit, crab, Rescue swimmer


  • Sometimes you just need to get the yak and person out of a dangerous location

  • Utilize: contact tows (long rope, short rope, human contact)

Class size will be limited to 10. Please note: a Wisconsin State Park sticker is needed. A big thank you for the State Park allowing us to continue to conduct our training there.

Once you click on the ‘Add to cart’, you will be redirected to a registration page to complete.

Cost for 3 to 4 hours – $75/per person