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Learn Kayak Rescues

Been paddling all summer and you are ready now for learning ways to get back into our yak from within the water, as well as some kayak games? You have the skills to paddle your kayak around objects, can paddle hours on end, and aren’t worried about falling out of your kayak…….But, what happens when you do? How are you going to get back into your kayak if you are too far away from the shoreline? What happens when your paddle buddy falls in – and you don’t know what your next step is going to be? Need to be more proficient in your kayak abilities? This is the session for you !

In this session, we shall learn how to perform both self and assisted kayak rescues. You will learn, understand, and practice numerous ways to get back in your kayak, should you ever experience a wet exit. For the types of rescues which will be involved, please visit

Owners of touring and sea kayaks are welcomed to bring their own yaks for this class – if you are uncertain if your kayak fits into this category, please give us a call and inform us of the make and model of your kayak. Some recreational kayaks may work for this class – but it is much more proficient with kayaks suited for adequate on-water rescues. Since we will be in the water for majority of this session, you should be comfortable with getting wet and performing wet exits. (Yes, you will be asked to preform a wet exit).

Our location for this training will be within a quiet body of water, where your feet will be able to touch the bottom (for starting out), and then we shall move to deeper water when the comfort level increases. Located at Leonard Yahr Country Park, this lake has a sandy beach, numerous picnic tables, clean bathrooms, and drinking water. The area surrounding the lake is mostly wooded and has a hiking trail. Located just a few miles outside West Bend, this Park does require a park pass (which can be purchased at the via Washington County, or one can visit their web site to pay).

Maximum class size is 10.  There are sea kayaks and gear to the first 8 who require these items.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.

Three to four hour rescue class- Cost $75

Kayak Kickstart

This is a 3 hour block of instruction for the brand new kayaker. Intended for the person who just bought a kayak, or who is thinking about taking up the sport – we got you covered. If you have concerns about your physical ability, please read our EEC. Class size will be limited to 5, unless otherwise noted. Training will take place at a local quiet, protected, inland lake. Before hitting the water, there will be at least an hour’s worth of classroom setting.

Information and topics covered about this session may be viewed at this section within our web page:

Located at Random Lake – This setting has a bathroom with drinking water available. Several picnic tables are located near the sandy beach. The lake itself is a bit over 3 miles in circumference. Mostly clear waters throughout the lake, with cattails and a marsh-like feel in the NE corner. Several lake homes make up the shoreline.


Cost for this class $60. Kayak and gear is included in the cost for this class – upon request. Using your own kayak is the ideal way to understand your kayak’s limitations.

Maximum group size 5.

Please also register for this t/o ensure there is availability.

Kayak Sampler

Are you fairly new to kayaking, interested in paddling in a sea kayak, or just want to have a comfortable,easy, and short distance paddle? Have we something for you.

The Kayak Sampler is a shortened paddle trip, on the smaller lakes near and around West Bend, and Port Washington, WI. These smaller lakes provide as an excellent starter body of water for the first time paddler or someone with less time available. The events are two hours long (with about 15 to 30 min on shore orientation, including adjusting your kayak). These are designed to offer an exploratory paddle experience along the shoreline. We shall be present on water with you to ensure safety and offer very basic refinements to make your trip easier for you. This is not intended as a class or lesson like our other services we provide; however they’ll be just as much fun!


The paddle trip will start at Waubedonia park and we shall paddle up the Milwaukee river towards the Mill, and return where we started – total distance about 2.5 miles. There are no power boats along this stretch, an occasional angler may be seen.


Kayak and gear included in the price.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.

Class limited to 5 participants. Cost $30

Pike Lake Essentials class

Join us as we provide training for the Pike Lake State Park. This is a joint venture event, as we are delighted to partake in Smoky the Bear’s 75th birthday.  We will gather on the north end of the beach – just look for our sign. Additional information will be provided to you, once you register.


Intended for the amateur paddler (one who has paddled a few times in the past) and would like to increase their knowledge and expertise on the water. Kayaking is more than just moving your kayaking in a straight line. This 3 to 4 hour session will provide skills to maneuver your kayak around obstacles, using simple body moves to maximize turns, and paddle control. There will be a class room setting on the shore, prior to getting into the kayak, as we cover information about kayaking in which you may not have thought about. You will learn how to enter a kayak, how to fall out properly (wet-exit), use proper body movements to paddle (not just your arms), how to move your boat sideways, how to turn your kayak, play some kayak balance games, and finish off with a paddle on the lake. Did I mention you will get wet??? Yes, you will and it will be refreshing!


Prerequisite for this class is a basic understanding about kayaking. For complete topics covered, please refer to the essentials skills page.


Class size will be limited to 12. Training will take place on Pike Lake, a fairly quiet, protected inland lake. There may be boat traffic, swimmers, and park guests present.  Please dress for the water temperatures, have a change of clothes/towel in your car. Should you need to borrow- the use of Kayak, paddle and PFD are included in the price (please indicate this on the registration page. There are kayaks and gear for the first 8 who require these items. Otherwise, you can use your own kayak and gear in this class.


Please also register for this to ensure there is availability. Cost $60.

Explore Little Cedar lake

Little Cedar Lake is located just slightly west of West Bend. This 260 acre lake is mostly surrounded by lake houses. There is a no-wake zone skirting around the entire lake – however there is motor boats mainly in the center of this lake. The swimming beach offers a refreshing dip in the water to cool off, either before or after the paddle.

The water clarity is generally very clear throughout most of this lake. Abundant fish and turtles can be seen throughout your adventures. The northern end and southern ends of the lake offer a marsh-like feel with cattails and bird watching.

We will launch just south of the boat ramp (near the beach) and circumnavigate the lake – nearly 4 miles. There is fresh water and bathroom facilities available at this location.

Group size will be limited to 10, kayaks and gear available (and included in the price) to 8 participants who register.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability. This is suited for a beginner – however, please note: you may experience wake created by power boats.

Cost for this trip – $65