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Paddle Long Lake

Join us as we do a circumnavigation of Long Lake. Long Lake is a 423 acre lake located in Sheboygan, Fond du Lac Counties. Part of the Kettle Moraine North unit; It has a maximum depth of 47 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing, public beaches.  The lake’s water is moderately clear (nearly a 6 mile lake circumnavigation). This is part of the State Park systems, so a pass is required (can be purchased at the booth). Follow the brown signs to the boat launch (off to the left of the booth) and park near the launch.

The waters here are calm and inviting, houses line the western side of the lake, as the park borders the eastern side. There is a small dam to the south, which will be one of the features we will explore, along with the lily pads, cat tails, and other aquatic life located on the northern end. There can be boat traffic on this lake – but normally does not get overcrowded.

Restrooms are available near the launch, as well as picnic tables and places to sit and relax. If needed, there is a bathroom available at the northern section of the lake at a local establishment. Please bring along fresh water to drink – as there is no available water source.

Kayaks and gear are included in the price, if needed. Basic kayak skills required for this trip, such as our Kickstart or Kayak essentials

Maximum participants 8 for this trip.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability. Cost $65

Explore Little Cedar lake

Little Cedar Lake is located just slightly west of West Bend. This 260 acre lake is mostly surrounded by lake houses. There is a no-wake zone skirting around the entire lake – however there is motor boats mainly in the center of this lake. The swimming beach offers a refreshing dip in the water to cool off, either before or after the paddle.

The water clarity is generally very clear throughout most of this lake. Abundant fish and turtles can be seen throughout your adventures. The northern end and southern ends of the lake offer a marsh-like feel with cattails and bird watching.

We will launch just south of the boat ramp (near the beach) and circumnavigate the lake – nearly 4 miles. There is fresh water and bathroom facilities available at this location.

Group size will be limited to 10, kayaks and gear available (and included in the price) to 8 participants who register.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability. This is suited for a beginner – however, please note: you may experience wake created by power boats.

Cost for this trip – $65

Milwaukee river (county paddle)

Join us on a nice little stretch down the Milwaukee river many have not yet enjoyed. This trip starts just outside the city limits of West Bend and takes us to Goeden Park (located at the intersection of 33/M). This is nearly a 8 mile paddle as it transverses the countryside and away from traffic noise. There are numerous wildlife views from the water, plus the occasional four legged creatures. This mostly wooded trip will shade the heat of the sun, while we enjoy the coolness of the water.

There may be an occasional downed tree along the way, however can be easily seen from a distance. The current and amount of water in the river this time of year is usually still pretty good, and offers a gentile push to aid as one paddles down stream. The time on the water is highly dependent on these factors – but plan to spend at least 4 hours on the water. There are no rapids, maybe an occasional riffle here and there – just a gorgeous stretch.Majority of the river banks have a gentile slope along the duration, the take out location at Goeden has two different areas to ascend from the water. Good footwear will be required for this stretch for both the put-in and take out locations (some rocks/mud and branches may be present).

Skill level for this trip – Novice and above (due to the time on water and distance) Bring along some snacks and water for this trip.

Cost $65. Kayaks and gear included in price. Maximum participants – 8

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.



Milwaukee river paddle (country)

This is a rather long paddle trip, about 11 miles- and can take upwards to 6 hours, depending on water levels) through the countryside of Newberg, Waubeka, and a little of Fredonia. The trip is normally a quiet paddle, nicely wooded, and sights and sounds of wildlife all around us. There are a few houses along the way, however for the majority of the trip, you are part of the wildlife. The water levels are usually fine to paddle – however may have a few areas in which one may scrape the hull. The aquatic features in the water begs one to move forward, as if calling to the paddler in a memorizing motion.  Shortly into the paddle, we past by Riveredge Nature Center on river right. We take a break for a snack halfway along the trip – as this is a great time to stretch our legs. There is a fun and deep swim hole where the North Branch of the Milwaukee river meets up with this river, a great place to fall into the water. As we near our final destination, we should have slight excitement with some easy riffles through some rocks just outside Waubeka – near the old mill. We conclude our trip down the stretch of river, as we pass our final bridge and around the corner.


Please bring along food and water for this trip, adequate water shoes (for when we get out of the kayaks), and sun protection. There are no public restrooms along this stretch, until we get to our destination. This is not intended for beginner paddlers, due to the paddle distance.


Kayaks and gear included in the price, should you need. Available spaces for this trip 8.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.Cost $90

Paddle the Milwaukee River (country)

This is a little over 6 miles and is situated just to the East of Cedarburg, ending up in Thiensville – just before the dam. The first mile or so can be some swifter moving water (depending on water levels), and will require some basic boat control skills. As we pass the Ulao Creek on river left, the river widens a bit more, and becomes a bit deeper, as the current begins to slow down a bit. We will begin to notice a few more houses along river right. Some motor boat traffic may be present from here down to the dam. This section doesn’t have too many houses noticeable from the water’s vantage point.  

Shortly past the Willow Bay Nature Preserve (river left), there is an area in which we can get out and stretch – if needed. This is our halfway point, and called Moonlight Landing. From here, civilization once again vanishes from view, as if swallowed up by vegetation.  We will continue down the river to the next available bathroom stop, located at Villa Grove, which is about a mile and half down river (river right), and just past a rather large island separating the river.

From there, we are getting close to our objective and take out location- as it is about another mile and half on river right- just before the dam. There is a bathroom present there. There is some great history panels describing the origin of the dam there – as well as an interesting man-made channel for fish to navigate around the dam – and to make their spawning easier.

We shall be on the water for about 3 1/2 hours (current dependent), after a bit of time on land going through a safety briefing, and getting to know your fellow paddlers. Historically, the weather may be in the low 50’s, but the water temperature still hovers in the upper 40’s. Please bring additional dry clothing with you – and as always, dress for the conditions.  Kayaks and gear are included in the price, however we require you notify us via the registration – should you need the gear.

Maximum group size 8.

Please also register for this to ensure there is availability.Cost $65.