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Essentials class at Pike Lake State Park

August 30 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

pike lake essentials class

We will be working in conjunction with the Pike Lake State Park – and have their approval to conduct this class. Masks will be work during our on land portion, along with social distancing. Masks will not be required while on the water. For additional questions about our Covid policy, please visit our web page.

Intended for the amateur paddler (one who has paddled a few times in the past) or one, who would like to increase their knowledge and expertise on the water. Kayaking is more than just moving your kayaking in a straight line. This 3 to 4 hour session will provide skills to maneuver your kayak around obstacles, using simple body moves to maximize turns, and paddle control. There will be a class room setting on the shore, prior to getting into the kayak, as we cover information about kayaking in which you may not have thought about. You will learn how to enter a kayak, how to fall out properly (wet-exit), use proper body movements to paddle (not just your arms), how to move your boat sideways, how to turn your kayak, play some kayak balance games, and finish off with a paddle on the water. Did I mention you will get wet??? Yes, you will and it will be refreshing!


Class size will be limited to 8.  Please dress for the water temperatures, have a change of clothes/towel in your car. Should you need to borrow- the use of Kayak, paddle and PFD are included in the price (please indicate this on the registration page. There are kayaks and gear for the first 8 who require these items. Otherwise, you can use your own kayak and gear in this class.

State Park sticker will be needed to enter the grounds.



Upon clicking ‘Add to Cart’ you will be redirected to our registration page – please complete this form.

Cost $60.

Silent Wake Crew

Silent Wake Crew

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