Notice to our customers:


******    Update: As of April 4/8/21, all our staff have been vaccinated. ******

With respect to the present conditions of Covid-19, Silent Wake will be implementing temporary guidelines and/or limitations to our services. Placing these additional precautions within our program’s protocol will meet or exceed local and federal guidelines. The following changes are designed to be adaptive, dynamic and additional limitations may be applied, as needed. We continuously monitor current CDC and state guidelines, and we adhere to the most healthy option.

The steps listed below are to seriously decrease risks associated with the possibility contracting/transmitting the Covid-19 virus. Maintaining proper distancing (on and off the water), limiting human touch, and disinfecting company owned gear – are steps in which we can control.

The following sessions will have certain restrictions:

Kayak rescues - This will be a paddle partner approach. You and your friend will work together as a team, there is no cross involvement between others taking this session (unless our staff has to intervene).

Kayak rolling, Learn to sea kayak, and Paddle Retreat - Participants must be fully vaccinated, and provide proof of vaccination (we are happy to show our card to you). Physical contact with participant is needed for this class.

Beside our normal health screening checklist, we are adding additional fields to the screening. If a low-grade fever, or fever is present – no participation will take place for that individual. If you feel/are ill, please stay home. The additional fields are:

    • Do you presently have a fever (99.5 F or higher)?

    • Any recent illnesses for the past 14 days?

    • Are you presently, or have you in the past recovered from documented Covid-19?

    • Have you been fully vaccinated?

  1.  River trip shuttles will be done with your own vehicles (two vehicles will be needed).  If you need shuttle ideas, we can assist with options. Those who live together would not need to limit distance requirements while on the water, all others must adhere to state policy – unless there is need for lifesaving measures by the staff. Silent Wake will disinfected and clean gear used prior to event. There will be no sharing or swapping Silent Wake company gear once issued to a participant.

  2. All other classes/sessions either land based or when on the water:

    • Face masks/face coverings MAY be required during mixed group land classes. We will notify you if masks are needed for the day.  When on the water, masks should be removed. (Silent Wake staff will don a face covering if there is a need to get physically close to the paddler)

    • First aid: Silent Wake staff will carry additional gloves, mask, and hand sanitizer. These items will be contained within their PFD pocket.

  3. After use by our participants, each item physically touched will be disinfected with Cavicide, Lysol, and/or a diluted bleach and water solution. These items are fully cleaned once they arrive back at our base camp. These items are fully dried in the sun prior to use by another participant.

We appreciate your participation in these precautions. We look forward to the day we can resume our full training schedule to the public.